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The Venice officers and Kim were officers recruited by the Salvation Army in Korea. They were brought to the United States and sponsored by the Salvation Army, completely provided for by the Salvation Army and obtained their citizenship with the assistance of the Salvation Army. Kim was military in Korea. No matter what these Lieutenants did, no matter what was reported it was ignored because “they came all the way here from another country and will be going nowhere.” As stated by Major Dodd from HR at DHQ (Salvation Army Headquarters for the Southern Branch)who headed the so called investigations. Another officer from out of this country at Venice was also investigated and with the same results. The officers were vindictive, cruel, retaliated on a daily basis and provided a completely hostile work environment for the “civilian employees.” They were brought to the Venice Corps because misdeeds were reported and the officers before them were “transferred out due to this,” but it never changed, all that changed was the attempts to hide new issues at all costs! Most of the previous employees were fired or quit and the Lieutenants had a new set of employees to take under their wings, all they did was continue all that was going on before and abuse the employees unabated.
 Employees were browbeat and abused. I was personally called into a meeting to be reprimanded that lasted over two hours, was screamed at, threatened with my job, insulted, antagonized and even physically restrained. This meeting was so bad it resulted in me having a seizure. The very next day they attempted to force me into another meeting which I refused to attend without a DHQ person in attendance. I was browbeat and threatened with my job again. It was not too long after this, and me filing a complaint with DHQ that I was fired. Many employees are subject to this type of treatment. claims to come to Venice to “rule with an iron fist.” This is a so called preacher!

Based in a small town near Modena (Italy), Browbeat formed in early 1998 from the ashes of local Hardcore ... m No Salvation (VH041) - out in April 2000...

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Browbeat - No SalvationBrowbeat - No SalvationBrowbeat - No SalvationBrowbeat - No Salvation